EBR Extrusion Coating Dies

Cloeren’s patented EBR (Edge Bead Reduction) is an internally deckled die consisting of independently adjustable components for reduction of edge-bead and over-coat in the extrusion coating and lamination industries.

Consistent with its innovative history, Cloeren was the first to produce these features in a hinged lip die, and to commercialize full cavity adjustable internal deckles.

Adjustable components
The EBR Die, used in extrusion coating and laminating applications, consists of independently adjustable components: a patented full-length solid deckle plug, a solid deckle blade, and an external seal. This system affords the processor the ability to reduce or eliminate the extruded edge bead and edge trim in extrusion coating and laminating processes. It also allows operators to change the width of the coating on line.

Technology that pays for itself
The EBR system will pay for itself in a matter of months in material savings alone, not to mention the noticeable increase in productivity.