A Heritage of Performance

The Cloeren heritage began in 1974 when Peter Cloeren Sr. sketched the first Cloeren Feedblock. When you need to improve an existing extrusion process or bring something completely new to the market, we will help you find the best solution. That’s how Cloeren has done business since day one – working closely with customers from material selection to process optimization to help them develop better, more competitive extruded products.

Why Cloeren?

Cloeren is the leader in extrusion die and feedblock quality and technology

This is confirmed by all the industry firsts developed by Cloeren, which have subsequently become industry standards.

Cloeren leads the industry in:





Reducing Downtime

Increasing Yield


Cloeren thinks and works “outside the box” to help solve customer’s most vexing challenges

Cloeren leads the way with process know-how and innovation, evidenced by  an abundance of published industry patents– 30+ and more pending. We developed some of the industry’s most important innovations, such as the Selector Plug Cartridge.

Since 1974, Cloeren has stood for innovation. Founded by Peter Cloeren Sr., that tradition of innovation has been handed down to Peter F. Cloeren and his family. No other company in the industry has that kind of stability and continuity of ownership. We are there for you when you need us, a source you can trust.

Cloeren thinks and works “outside the box” to help solve customer’s most vexing challenges. Cloeren leads the way with process know-how and innovation, evidenced by  an abundance of published industry patents– 30+ and more pending. We developed some of the industry’s most important innovations, such as the Selector Plug Cartridge, Variable Geometry (VG) Feedblocks , Internal Deckle System (IDS), Edge Bead Reduction (EBR) for Extrusion Coating and Edge Encapsulation (EDS)  These innovations are so significant and reliable that they have become industry standards.

Cloeren customizes and optimizes the design of each system we make for your unique needs.  We then build each to superior specifications and tolerances with the best materials available resulting in unsurpassed product quality. This results in rapid commissioning, faster run rates, more on-spec product, less waste, less downtime, fewer repairs, and longer service intervals. As a result, Cloeren Feedblocks and Extrusion Dies have a lower cost of operation and higher return on investment. If a problem does develop, our worldwide staff can be on location to help you fix it. It all adds up to higher profitability for our customers. Cloeren builds machinery with low total cost of ownership over the life of the equipment and lower cost of operation becoming evident shortly after initial investment.

Our products provide higher production yields than other extrusion devices. In the coextrusion process, the Selector Plug Cartridge and TopHat designs make altering layer structure sequencing easier and enable operators to quickly change layer structures without completely disassembling the feedblock, increasing efficiency and decreasing downtime. In fact, the Selector Plug can allow for alteration of the product layer sequence in less than 30 minutes. Cloeren’s unparalleled intellectual comprehension of laminar flow of viscoelastic fluids insures unparalleled performance in both individual and total mass thickness uniformity.

This is Cloeren

Message from the Founding Family

Cloeren is an American company with a German heritage – providing a pragmatic approach to complex engineering fundamentals. Any competent machine/mechanic shop can fabricate an extrusion Die or Feedblock; but this does not speak to Competence of Design or the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Performance and reliability of an extrusion die and/or feedblock derives from a comprehensive understanding of many disciplines, including; polymer science, fluid mechanics, thermal dynamics, extrusion engineering, mechanical engineering, comprehensive process knowledge, and the know-how to pragmatically transform these scientific disciplines into an unparalleled proficient and robustly functional system – collectively, the Competence of Design.  This is Cloeren.

The Total Cost of Ownership is not measured by the lowest capital investment; but instead is measured by the capital investment plus the cost of operation over the lifetime of the asset.  Every excess gram of polymer used to meet the minimum polymer mass requirement to produce a product costs the processor money.  Every hour of downtime costs the processor money.  Only Competence of Design can deliver the lowest Total Cost of Ownership to a customer. This is Cloeren.

Cloeren is the largest supplier of extrusion dies and feedblocks in the world; in meters of die sold, numbers of coextrusion layers sold, and revenue, per annum.  Supporting and maintaining this position is only possible by a group of dedicated individuals working together as a team to achieve Competence of Design;  a team that measures reward by the customer’s success.  This is Cloeren.

Henry Ford once said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business”, which is to say there is more to business than making money.  At Cloeren, we are passionate about making the things our customers make, better; we are passionate about our contributions to the science of extrusion engineering; and we are passionate about our contributions to improving the quality of life through the products we make.  This is Cloeren.

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