Cloeren Awards

Cloeren has received many prestigious honors and awards.

2018 Olivier Catherine

Outstanding Service Award – Presented by the Extrusion Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers

2014 Alicia Cloeren

Named Plastics News Rising Star

2013 Alicia Cloeren

Elected to the Society Plastics Industry’s Equipment Council

2012 Olivier Catherine

Elected to serve on the Society of Plastics Engineers Board of Directors

2011 Cloeren Incorporated

DuPont Award for Sustainable Packaging – Presented by DuPont

2006 Peter Cloeren

Fellow Award – Presented by Society of Plastics Engineers

2001 Peter Cloeren

Jack Barney Award – Presented by Extrusion Division Society of Plastics Engineers

2000 Peter Cloeren

PLACE Division Technical Award – Presented by TAPPI

2000 Peter Cloeren

Samuel Zweig Prize – Presented by TAPPI