Our history in depth

Get the details, year by year, on Cloeren Incorporated as a company over more than a decade.

1970 – 1979

1975 Peter Cloeren Sr. develops the first Cloeren Feedblock which was used for extrusion coating, a high-density polyethylene skin layer on a low-density polyethylene base layer for milk carton stock at Gulf Oil Corporation (now Chevron Phillips Chemical) in Orange, Texas.
1979 Feedblock and related coextrusion patents granted to Peter Cloeren Sr.

1980 – 1989

1980 Peter Cloeren Sr. and Peter F. Cloeren, Jr. formally co-found The Cloeren Company, now known as Cloeren Incorporated.
1983 Cloeren develops the multi-plane Feedblock for 4 or more layers. This innovation was quickly adopted to become the industry standard.
1984 First Cloeren manufacturing plant established in Orange, Texas.

1990 – 1999

1990 Cloeren enters the extrusion die business with the introduction of its Epoch™ Two-Stage Preland Die.
1992 Cloeren commercializes the first Flexible Lip and Edge Bead Reduction (EBR™) Die for extrusion coating and laminating.
1993 Patent granted to Cloeren for its Epoch™ Two-Stage Preland Die.
1993 Cloeren introduces the first Internally Deckled System (IDS™) for cast film and thin sheet applications.
1994 Cloeren expands internationally through the opening of Cloeren Japan Ltd. and Cloeren Europe.
1997 Cloeren becomes the largest die manufacturer in the world with the purchase of Production Components in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
1998 Cloeren establishes its third manufacturing facility in Orange, Texas.
1999 Cloeren establishes sales and service office in Southeast Asia.

2000 – 2009

2001 Cloeren expands and relocates headquarters to downtown Orange, Texas.
2002 Cloeren receives 25th U.S. Patent for Polymer Processing Equipment and Design.
2002 Cloeren introduces world’s first commercial NanoLayer™ Feedblock for barrier coextrusion.
2003 Cloeren opens office in Nagoya; it’s second in Japan.
2006 Cloeren opens a fourth manufacturing facility in Marshall, Texas.
2009 Cloeren opens sales office in Beijing.

2010 – 2019

2010 Cloeren establishes service in Shanghai.
2011 Cloeren relocates its Asia Pacific office to Kuala Lumpur.
2012 Cloeren expands their sales in Europe by opening another office in Germany.
2012 Cloeren patents the moebius-manifold™ Die.
2013 Cloeren expands its manufacturing facilities in Orange, Texas.
2015 U.S. patent issued for the moebius-manifold™ Die. International patents are still pending.
2016 Cloeren has strengthened its stake in the European market by increasing its investment in EMO GesmbH, an extrusion die maker in Micheldorf, Austria.
2017 Cloeren purchases the remaining shares of EMO GesmbH, providing us with a manufacturing, service and repair facility in Europe.
2019 After three years of research and development, Cloeren commercially launches the revolutionary Reƒlex™ Die.