Cloeren process technologies help solve real-world problems and create true market advantages. Cloeren technologies have enabled advances in solar panel technology and building materials that create more energy efficient products and products that create alternative sources of energy. Our advancements have helped in emerging technologies and industries, such as the photovoltaic market.

Cloeren’s involvement in photovoltaics
PV modules use an increasing number of highly technical polymeric materials to reduce the overall cost and weight of modules as well as to increase their efficiency. Cloeren has been the leader in the photovoltaic film industry, involved in every aspect of PV modules: fluoropolymer front sheets, PV encapsulant, monolayer and coextruded backsheets, and even polyimide films that are used as the substrate for thin film PV cells.

Battery Separator Films
Battery separator films are critical to the efficiency and performance of liquid electrolyte lithium ion batteries. These films are produced by the orientation of a sheet made of heterogeneous material. With a rapidly growing market, Cloeren has proactively developed a recognized expertise in the design and manufacturing of dies for this application.