Leading flat die and feedblock supplier Cloeren Incorporated, Orange Tex. has announced that it has purchased an  unspecified percentage of  Austrian extrusion die maker EMO GmbH, Micheldorf, Austria.  EMO is owned by Austrian injection mold maker Haidlmair GmbH, Nussbach, Austria.

Cloeren and Haidlmair are both privately owned family businesses.  “Common core family values enhanced the attractiveness of this venture for all parties,” the companies said in a release.

“Cloeren is a project-oriented supplier to the global flat die extrusion market, and EMO is a component- oriented supplier,” says Peter Cloeren, CEO of Cloeren Incorporated. “Historically, we have seen very little overlap between the companies in the marketplace. EMO and Cloeren will remain two separate companies, with independent sales and product lines, serving their respective market niches.” Adds Alicia Cloeren, a Cloeren director, “EMO has traditionally been a regional supplier primarily serving the European market. We see an opportunity in expanding EMO’s global presence. Additionally, EMO provides Cloeren a quality repair/refurbishment base for our European customers.”

“EMO is a very important company in the Haidlmair with a long tradition,” adds Mario Haidlmair, managing director. “The company evolved from a small manufacturer to a renowned producer of high- quality flat dies. The current management and infrastructure of EMO will remain in place. This new investment from Cloeren will be used for a significant expansion of EMO, including new machine tools to be housed in a new building addition. I’m sure that both companies will benefit from this cooperation in the future.”

Cloeren Incorporated supplies the cast film, extrusion coating, sheet, and biax extrusion processes. Founded in 1980, the company has operations in North America and Europe, and a sales and service network around the globe that services more than 50 countries on six continents.

Haidlmair GmbH is a leading manufacturer of high-tech injection molds for the packaging and logistics industry. Founded in 1979, the group is comprised of six companies in four countries and operates worldwide.

Founded in 1996, EMO GmbH is a supplier of quality flat die extrusion and coextrusion heads, with a sales and service organization throughout is European base of operations.

Source: https://www.ptonline.com/articles/cloeren-invests-in-austrian-die-maker-emo