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The 16th anniversary edition of AMI’s international Stretch & Shrink conference will take place on 8 – 10 April at the Hilton Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.

The strong demand from retail, construction and chemical industries is rapidly driving consumption of stretch and shrink films. Key growth stimulators include the increasing use of printed films for branding purposes, ongoing capacity expansions of shale gas-based polyethylene plants, and changing logistic systems along with increasingly stringent regulations of road safety. Market dynamics are changing and so is the response from the whole supply chain, even end users.

Expert presentations at this year’s European Stretch & Shrink Film cover insights into the changing market trends and structure, including steps brand owners, have taken to adapt. They will provide brand owners with knowledge on how to assure their goods are stable during transportation to prevent unnecessary damage and reduce security risks on roads. Latest innovations in film formulation and extrusion of pallets stretch wrap, shrink hoods, collation shrink film and stretch hoods aiming towards sustainable and responsible usage will also be covered.

The Cloeren booth location will be announced soon!