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Did you know...
Cloeren equipment can make films with a thousand or more layers.

Extrusion Feedblocks

Cloeren is the pioneer in commercializing extrusion feedblock technology. Cloeren feedblocks allow users to handle a wide range of polymers, rates and multi-layer arrangements without sacrificing performance. Our extrusion feedblocks produce films ranging from two layers to more than 1,000 layers. 

Variety of feedblocks

To meet the specific needs of our customers, Cloeren offers a variety of Feedblocks: Variable Geometry (VG™) Feedblocks, Fixed Geometry (FG™) Feedblocks, and NanoLayer™ Feedblocks. 


The Selector Plug™ cartridge design makes altering layer sequence easier and enables operators to quickly change the layer structure without completely disassembling the feedblock. 

  • VG™ Feedblocks – The patented Variable Geometry Feedblock is available from two to thirteen or more layers, and allows on-line adjustments to the polymer flow streams.
  • FG™ Feedblocks – Fixed Geometry Feedblocks are equipped with removable flow inserts to provide long term flexibility.
  • NanoLayer™ Feedblocks – The breakthrough NanoLayer™ enables customers to improve film properties with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of layers having sub-micron layer thickness.
  • Options – There are a variety of feedblock accessories and options that help users increase efficiency and minimize downtime during product changes.