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Cloeren uses higher alloy and larger steel mass than its competitors to insure greater thermal and mechanical integrity, which contributes to a robust apparatus producing superior quality films.

Multi-Manifold Die

Cloeren provides a wide range of multi-manifold dies. These unique dies have a designated manifold for each melt stream, enabling polymers to spread across the flow channel width independently. Each manifold can be tailored to a specific polymer. Multi-manifold dies are typically required to process coextruded structures where individual polymer layers have large viscoelastic differences. Cloeren’s industry leading multi-manifold dies include: 

Epoch™ IV Multi-Manifold Die

The Epoch™ IV Multi-Manifold Die features all the attributes of the Epoch™, and/or moebius manifold families and is the preferred die for applications demanding the ability to combine materials with widely dissimilar viscoelastic melt characteristics. Another valuable feature of the Epoch™ IV Multi-Manifold Die is the ability to control the width of individual layers, with individual internal deckles, or Naked Edge™ restriction for oriented film applications. The Epoch™ IV is available from 2 to 5 layers and can also be combined with a Cloeren feedblock to increase the number of layers.

Multi-Manifold Sheet Dies

Multi-Manifold Dies can be supplied with a restrictor bar for each extrusion layer to accommodate major shifts in polymer viscosity from product to product.

Vane Dies

The patented Vane Die™, originally developed by Cloeren in 1978, is most often used in laboratory applications or pilot development programs to provide maximum versatility for product development.