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North America




Peter Cloeren
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technical Officer
Direct: +1-409-951-7600
Email: pcloeren@cloeren.com

Sherri Fruge
Chief Financial Officer
Direct: +1-409-882-7711
Email: sfruge@cloeren.com

George Hall
Chief Operating Officer
Direct: +1-409-951-7617
Email: ghall@cloeren.com

Olivier Catherine
Technology Group Director
Direct: +1-409-951-7632
Email: ocatherine@cloeren.com

Alicia Cloeren
Direct: +1-409-951-7635
Email: acloeren@cloeren.com

Steve L. Fisher
General Council
Direct: +1-409-951-7629
Email: sfisher@cloeren.com

Elena Lee
Technology Group
Direct: +1-409-951-7637
Email: elee@cloeren.com

Giuseppe Negri
Director of Advanced Engineering Research and Development
Direct: +39-02-93909154
Email: gnegri@cloeren.com

Christine Ronaghan
Technology Group Director
Direct: +1-908-655-2709
Email: cronaghan@cloeren.com

Max Ruegnitz
Engineering Department Manager at Eau Claire Works
Direct: +1-715-552-7428
Email: mruegnitz@cloeren.com

Chris Slaughter
Vice President
Direct: +1-409-951-7650
Email: cslaughter@cloeren.com




Nacole Barron
Executive Assistant & Sales Administrator
Direct: +1-409-951-7630
Email: nbarron@cloeren.com

Kathy Zehm
Sales Administrator Eau Claire Works
Direct: +1-715-552-7400
Email: kzehm@cloeren.com




Mike Augustine
Sales Manager
Direct.: +1-409-951-7633
Email: maugustine@cloeren.com

Hart Benoit
Group Vice President
Direct.: +1-409-951-7627
Email: hbenoit@cloeren.com

John Chalmers
Vice President of Sales
Direct: +1-409-779-6098
Email: jchalmers@cloeren.com

Dereck Cloeren
After Market Sales Manager
Direct: +1-409-951-7668
Email: dcloeren@cloeren.com

Derek Ford
Director of North American Sales
Direct: +1-409-951-7634
Email: dford@cloeren.com

Jonathan Hickman
Direct.: +1-409-779-7049
Email: jhickman@cloeren.com

Chuck Hubbard
Area Sales Manager
Direct.: +1-409-238-1467
Email: chubbard@cloeren.com

Shaun McConnell
Direct: +1-409-951-7692
Email: smcconnell@cloeren.com

George Radcliff III
Regional Sales Manager
Direct: +1-409-779-7022
Email: gradcliff@cloeren.com

Darrin Smith
Spare Parts
Direct: +1-409-951-7626
Email: dsmith@cloeren.com

John Wise
Regional Sales Manager
Mobile: +1-409-238-1497
Direct: +1-978-309-8162
Email: jwise@cloeren.com




Jeff Crowley
Senior Technical Engineer
Direct: +1-270-860-9880
Email: jcrowley@cloeren.com

Jimmy Stout 
Service Technician 
Direct:  +1-409-779-1842
Email:  jstout@cloeren.com