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Since inception, Cloeren ownership has never changed.


Cloeren’s industry knowledge and commitment to advancing coextrusion technology has helped foster major advances in the medical industry. Cloeren technology contributes to a number of products used daily in medicine.

Blood and IV Bags  – We've developed dies that allow blood and IV bag suppliers to increase production rates and run times. Whether PVC based, or coextruded olefin based films, Cloeren sheet and cast film processes have enabled many advances in the medical field as well as more efficient production of many products. 

Transdermal Patches – Cloeren manufactures web-coating dies for specialty applications such as transdermal patches. Our innovative designs, flexible and fixed-slot lip dies, and other custom technologies dramatically simplify these types of coating operations. 

Hospital Gowns and Disposable Gloves – Cloeren has developed specialized applications that have improved the production of hospital gowns and disposable gloves. Cloeren frequently consults with customers wanting to develop systems for new and highly specialized applications.