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Did you know...
Cloeren custom designs every feedblock and die to meet your exact specifications.
For packaging food items and day-to-day products
From microwavable containers to clamshell packaging
For laminated applications, labels and stamps
For high performance, extended shelf life, or high temperature applications
New applications for non-woven products
Safety films, carpeting, and battery separator films
Our technology contributes to many products used daily in medicine.
Solar panel technology and materials for more energy efficient products
From TV monitors and vinyl siding to foam insulation and plastic pellets


Cloeren innovation enables client innovation in dozens of industries. Cloeren has developed the most innovative systems available through custom  combinations of our patented Feedblocks, single manifold dies, multi-manifold dies and optional equipment. These systems have enabled clients to create new and unique photovoltaic films, cast films, barrier sheets, and many other products. We have helped our clients achieve a better total cost of ownership and develop cutting-edge products. 

Finding the right solution for your specific need

Our goal is to understand our customers' processes and production challenges as well as they do. That understanding enables Cloeren to consistently develop die, feedblock and process technologies that solve your real-world problems.