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Did you know...
Cloeren’s Internal Deckle System (IDS™) enables customers to make product changes within minutes.

Reducing Downtime

Cloeren products create process repeatability. Once a customer has developed a sustainable process, the process settings can be programmed into line control systems as repeatable recipes.  All of this repeatability enables a customer to produce quality products quickly. 

Fast turnaround time

Cloeren Selector Plugs™ are easily changeable to alter the layer structures. Because the equipment does not have to be broken down to change the layer structure, a faster turnaround time is provided thus reducing nonproductive down-time.

Product changes in minutes, not hours

The Cloeren internal deckle system (IDS™) enables quick adjustments that allow customers to make width changes within minutes. Other systems require hours of nonproductive time before a change is completed. Some Cloeren customers are producing as many as ten different products within a twelve-hour shift.