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Did you know...
Cloeren uses proprietary computational fluid dynamics to model and predict production and process capabilities before manufacturing a die.


Vast experience and commitment to excellence

Every piece of equipment manufactured at Cloeren is customized to fit your specification. Cloeren’s extensive knowledge of the film forming process – from raw materials to finished products – helps us design and tailor equipment to your unique requirements. Mastering fluid characterization, fluid flow modeling and understanding the interaction of fluid flow with the mechanical and thermal characteristics of the extrusion system makes Cloeren the specialist in extrusion die and feedblock design.  We provide these customized solutions while still delivering performance, reliability, cost optimization and other benefits expected from pre-engineered technology. 

Manufactured to meet your specific needs

We manufacture all Cloeren products in our facilities and build them to your process specifications. Whether cast film, extrusion coating, biaxially oriented film, web coating, or specialty applications, you can rely on Cloeren to provide a quality product. Cloeren’s commitment to excellence has continued to position Cloeren as the leader in the industry for almost four decades.  

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