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Did you know...
Cloeren’s moebius manifold™ Die has opened up a wide range of applications for residence-time-sensitive polymers.

Why Cloeren?

Cloeren is the leader in extrusion die and feedblock quality and technology. This is confirmed by all the industry firsts developed by Cloeren, which have subsequently become industry standards. 

Cloeren uses only the best components 

We spare no expense to build quality into every product and use only the best materials available. That is why Cloeren has long been recognized as the performance standard in the industry. From steel, to bolts to heaters, Cloeren uses only the best components, all made in the USA. At Cloeren, we build to specification, not to cost. 

Increased product quality

Benefits include increased yield thanks to longer maintenance intervals, faster start up times, reduced support needs, a higher percentage of on-spec product, and lower total cost of ownership over the lifespan of equipment.

Increased product quality leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Cloeren also leads the industry in: 

Reducing Downtime
Increasing Yield