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Cloeren custom designs every feedblock and die to meet your exact specifications.

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Our Promise
Cloeren provides high-performance, custom-designed extrusion head systems that help you improve yield, reduce costs and create new markets.

Cloeren Incorporated – A Heritage of Performance

Cloeren has been a world leader in developing machinery for plastics processing since 1975. Our name has become synonymous with innovation and high performance thanks to the superior technology, quality, value, efficiency, and organization that we offer. We engineer and manufacture customized coextrusion feedblocks, single and multi-manifold dies, and related accessories – all with unparalleled quality - in Europe and the U.S.A. 

Customized solutions to meet increasing demands

Each of our systems is custom-designed, tailored and uniquely manufactured to meet your requirements and needs. Cloeren’s engineering excellence means higher process yield and quality.

Leaders in innovation

Since the introduction of our first patented Cloeren Feedblock, this family-owned business has led the way in the advancement of flat die extrusion technologies – from conventional mono-layer to sophisticated multi-layer polymer applications. Cloeren Incorporated has brought many innovations to the field of flat-die extrusion, which have subsequently become the industry standard that competitors strive to attain.

Cloeren provides maximum return on investment

We also provide services such as refurbishing that help customers maximize the return on their investments. At Cloeren, we build better products that help our customers optimize production and maximize profits. Learn more on the pages that follow.

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